Friendly Folk

'A record label for all Folk genres'

Music Distribution & Production Services:

  • Worldwide Digital Distribution
  • Worldwide Physical Distribution
  • Web-shop placement
  • Festivals (merch partners)
  • Links to all service partners HERE!

Production: (Referral)

  • Recording
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • CD & Vinyl pressing
  • Merchandise
  • Photography/Video
  • Graphics Design Artist
  • Links: production partners HERE!

Management & Promotion Services:

Management & Promotion:
  • PR Manager, Publicity Manager and Artist Manager available.
  • Affordable rates on 'Folk Genre' focused promotion packages to               introduce your new album; increase your Social Media interaction;           international reviews, interviews & radio spotlights.  
Contact our parent company at:

Our Artists are free to choose any management they desire. Membership is required at parent company, My Music Matters-MT for promotion services.


Booking Services:


To book our Artists contact: [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Friendly Folk Records Label is interested in production, distribution and promotion of your music. Booking is only offered on a networking referral base. We are NOT a booking agency and we are NOT a tour agency. We do NOT take on artists for only booking services, as music distribution and promotion are the main focus. Artists must have a membership from our parent company, My Music Matters-MT, to be eligible for booking referral services. 

We are a semi-exclusive booking service for Friendly Folk Records Label and My Music Matters Management Triad Artists.  Our signed label Artists have freedom to use other booking services in cooperation with FFR Bookings for maximum exposure.  Our booking service is straightforward with easy to read one page contract. Booking fee is collected from Festival/Venue and is never higher than 20% of total Gage.


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Send your demo to:
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Phone: +31 (0) 6 3009 4688

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