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Featured Artists

Greenrose Faire (Finland)
- Celtic Folk Rock -
(FFR) Digital Single:
'Cold Winds are Rising' (Jul/2017)
(FFR/DMW ) Physical CD:
'Decades of Songs and Stories' (Jan/2018)
FFR/DMW Digital Single:
'Never Walk Alone' (Apr/2018)
FFR/DMW Physical CD:
'Riders in the Night' (June/2018)

Jyoti Verhoeff (Netherlands)
- Neo-prograssive Folk -
(FFR/DMW) Digital & Physical CD:
TOUCHES - 'I speak with my mouth shut'

Coming soon! (Fall/2018)

Drusuna (Portugal)
- Pagan Folk -
(FFR/DMW) Digital  & Physical EP:
'Kaytos Kom' (March/2018)

Max Bianco (England, UK)
- Singer-Songwriter / Americana Folk -
(FFR/DMW) Digital Single:
'Northeast Bay' (May/2018
'H-Town Blues'  (May/2018)

Digital Distribution Singles:

Tone Fish (Germany)
- Celtic Folk Rock -
(FFR/DMW) Digital: Single 'The Traveller' (Feb/2018)

The Royal Spuds (Netherlands)
- Folk Punk -
(FFR/DMW) Digital: Single 'A Man' (Mar/2018)


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